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Holden Wozny (see his story line here) sometimes takes his practical jokes too far!

Bertha Fowler Videos

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Here are a few videos of Bertha Fowler partaking in various nightlife activities around Bridgeport:

Bertha dancing:

Bertha bribing the bouncer:

Bertha skinny dipping:

Bertha walking around Bridgeport:

Bertha had too much ‘juice’ and non-vegetarian food after her night out:

The Bertha Fowler Story (Part One)

Meet Bertha Fowler. She is a very robust Sim who enjoys good food, good nectar and good times… although sometimes she has trouble finding good times. (Click here to see videos associated with this story).

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

As pictured above, she doesn’t always practice the best hygiene methods and can often be found wandering around downtown in her underwear. She is also unlucky, a vegetarian, eco-friendly (so her fridge is stocked with organic meals and foods), dislikes children and is grumpy.

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha has recently moved to Bridgeport and is determined to soak in as much of the nightlife as she can. One night, she puts on her favorite party dress and hits the town. She starts out at the local watering hole Eugi’s to check out the action…

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha forgets she is a vegetarian (which has been happening a lot lately with her) and orders shrimp cocktail at the bar, so she has an upset tummy for the next couple of hours. Meanwhile, Eugi’s was rather boring, so Bertha quickly moved on to The Prosper Room. She didn’t know it at the time, but only celebrities can get into the Prosper room… no matter how much you schmooze or bribe the bouncer!

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha finally gives up and heads over to the Plasma 101 bar. There is a bouncer there who demands $100 before finally letting her in!

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha is discouraged by the unfriendliness of the club and bar scene. But she’s determined to have fun! Her next stop is The Brightmore, which is an upscale bar. Bertha knows the drill by now, hands the bouncer $100 and she’s in! She has lots of fun at this bar:

She even gets up the courage to go skinny-dipping:

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha is finally enjoying herself. Her next stop for the night is the Bonzai Lounge…

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

…where she orders drinks and partakes in yet another non-vegetarian meal:

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Bertha’s final stop of the night is at Waylan’s Haunt, which is a real bottom-of-the-barrel dive bar. By this time Bertha is lubed up and ready to hit the dance floor again, despite frequent trips to the bathroom to vomit up the sushi she partook in at the Banzai Lounge. Unfortunately, Waylan’s is pretty much dead!

Bertha Fowler's Adventures Out

Lila decides it is time to head home and get some rest. After all, she has a trip to Egypt planned for the coming days.

…to be continued…

When Sims Annoy Other Sims…

Vomiting Sim


Holden Wozny, Alcoholic Sim Story (Part 2)

(See part one of this story here). Since we last saw him, Holden Wozny has continued to spiral out of control. His late-night partying antics are beginning to be known around Bridgeport. He had a stint of sobriety during his trip to Shang Simla with his roommate and best friend Gwen, but it hasn’t lasted….

Holden Wozny arguing with patron at Eugi's bar

Too much nectar and juice turned Holden from the caring, friendly guy he normally was into a shouting, badly behaved Sim. He started fights in the bars and continued his anti-social behavior outside of the clubs after-hours:

Holden Wozny scaring sim outside of Eugi's

Holden Wozny scaring sim outside of Eugi's

Holden Wozny dances on tabletop at Eugi's

Holden unfortunately ended up falling asleep on yet another public park bench. Locals alerted Gwen, and she came to wake him up and have a stern talk with him:
Holden Wozny falls asleep on public bench after a night of drinking at the bar

Gwen comes to try and talk some sense into Holden

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Sims 3 World Adventures: Champs Les Sims, France

Romeo (a random Sim I was playing with from the city of Bridgeport) recently got promoted to an International Super Spy, which is one branch at the top of the Law Enforcement career track. Since this fulfilled his lifetime wish, he decided to treat himself to a trip to Champs Les Sims, France. Here are some pictures of the area, various locations and also some photos of Romeo while he explored the Forgotten Burial Mound (Celtic Ruins).

The method of travel in Champs Les Sims, France

Scenery in Champs Les Sims, France

Scenery in Champs Les Sims, France

Scenery in Champs Les Sims, France

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Sims 3 World Adventures: Shang Simla, China

Roommates and friends Holden Wozny (click here to see his story) and Gwen Glover recently took a trip to Shang Simla, China together. Here are some pictures from their adventure. Unfortunately their trip got cut short due Gwen’s work obligations (OK, it was actually because the game started freezing every few seconds) so they returned home early.

The World Adventures expansion is like a game within a game… so much to do and so little time to do it in. Sims can visit native households, learn songs from native, visit local shops and attractions, search and collect all sorts of things, purchase rare bottles of nectar (Sim wine), go exploring in caves, go camping, etc… the possibilities are endless. Note that there is SO much more Sims can do than what I’ve posted here!

Pretty scenery:
Shang Simla, China scenery

The Marketplace:
Shang Simla, China scenery

The Dragon’s Maw:
Shang Simla, China, the Dragon's Maw

The Temple of Heaven:
Holden Wozny at the Temple of Heaven in Shang Simla

This is the main way of transportation in Shang Simla, China!
Holden Wozny biking around Shang Simla

So is this:
Running through Shang Simla

The Hot Springs:
Gwen Glover at the Hot Springs in Shang Simla, China

A Video From The Sims 3 World Adventures – Shang Simla, China

Here’s a video for the opening splash screen/scene for Shang Simla, China.

Holden Wozny, Alcoholic Sim Story (Part 1)

Meet Holden Wozny. He lives in Bridgeport with his best friend Gwen Glover (who he has a secret crush on).

Holden Wozny

Holden Wozny & Gwen Glover

Holden is a nice Sim. He enjoys reading by the fire, going for early morning jogs around the city and studying Mixology. However… there is a serious problem: Holden likes to drink. A lot.

Holden Wozny

Holden Wozny

Holden Wozny mixing drinks on his roof

He manages to keep things together for a while, but one night, he spins out of control. He begins at Eugi’s Watering Hole in downtown Bridgeport, then moves onto Bridgeport Sports Zone. He has so many drinks he loses count…

Holden Wozny drinking at a sports bar

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